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2016-06-17 16:07:32 by PixelsLoveMe

Forgot this was still a thing. Haven't picked up a guitar for about a year. How's everyone doing?

Guess who?

2014-09-13 06:11:31 by PixelsLoveMe

What is going on all my home-sliced peeps? Guess who's back? So I went away because I had a lot of improvements to make so I feel I've fixed a lot so I'm back to throw confetti and glitter all over your kitchen floors!

God damn it...

2013-10-09 15:12:10 by PixelsLoveMe

Well, my microphone decided to break so no acoustic covers until i get a new one. Probably or week or so, sorry everyone..

As most of you know i do acoustic covers and i want to branch out. If anyone has requests or absolutely anything, then please PM me so i can get to it :)

Forget that other one!

2013-09-30 00:56:51 by PixelsLoveMe

I'm just sticking with this profile instead. Too much to lose on this profile

New Newgrounds Account!:-

Screw you illness.

2013-09-27 11:12:08 by PixelsLoveMe

So no acoustic uploads for a while, I've been a little bit ill and I didn't really want to record something then cough halfway through. No worries though, there will be maybe 2 uploads later on, If i'm up to it.

Talk to you guys soon

And I'm back baby!

2013-09-19 20:02:33 by PixelsLoveMe

Sup gurls, how we doing? So i've been gone for a while. Here is an update: Monday, i went to school. Tuesday, GTA V, Wednesday, GTA V & Thursday, you guessed it! Borderlands 2.

Looking to start a project.

2013-09-09 18:46:48 by PixelsLoveMe

I want to start a project, no idea what though

Thanks to leakyduck!

2013-09-07 08:42:49 by PixelsLoveMe

Thanks Ken for all of the stuff you did for me :D