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Anyone need acoustic covers?

2013-10-01 23:20:30 by PixelsLoveMe

As most of you know i do acoustic covers and i want to branch out. If anyone has requests or absolutely anything, then please PM me so i can get to it :)


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2013-10-02 09:23:29

Hmm... an acoustic cover on the Super Mario Bros theme? Or how about the Doom 3 theme ( Not sure that'd sound good as an acoustic version though... what do ya think?

(Updated ) PixelsLoveMe responds:

I'm on it.


2013-10-03 04:23:04

Awesome, thanks. Let me know when they're posted?

(Updated ) PixelsLoveMe responds:

Sure thing, should be up any second


2013-10-06 14:50:42

King of the Hill theme song!